Yakin - Released - never be without the water

You have no excuse to not be paddling 24/7! Yakin is available now on iOS and Android. Read more.

Road to Rio Yakin Update

Yakin Update, Road to Rio! Get your Olympic training on. Out Thursday 4th August Read more.

The Grand Canyon - 04 - Flying

Flights are go. Well, nearly. Here's a brief update. Read more.

The Grand Canyon - 03 - a week out

Read up on the latest Quest for the Canyon update. Read more.

The Grand Canyon - 02 - yak choice

Grand Canyon has BIG water, gigantic rapids, and long lake-like bits too. 230-280 miles. Boat choice matters. Read more.

The Grand Canyon - 01 - consenting

I'm starting out on a kayak trip of the Grand Canyon. I'll do my best to document the interest parts of this journey, from concept to (hopefully) successful completion. Read more.

Release Pipeline

What's coming in the near future for Yakin'. Read more.

Yakin - thoughts and updates

Yakin released, release party, an update, another update, news, and what's next. Read more.

Hutt River Swimmers - where we began

A short yarn on how The Hutt River Swimmers, the inspiration behind the game, came to be. Read more.

About Yakin

Yakin is a game which combines the epic awesomeness of kayaking with the serenity of pixel graphics in the comfort of your own home. Out soon (2016 Q1-ish) Read more.